Counselling is a process that aims to facilitate personal well being of the students through support and guidance of trained counsellors, for a healthy mind and body.

□ Student Counselling Cell aims to help students become self-aware and reach their highest potential while dealing with anxiety and stress.
□ The counseling cell provides a happy and comfortable environment for students to discuss their problems
    regarding their academic and social life.
□ The Cell also provides motivational, psychiatry and therapy sessions.
□ The office of Counselling provides a confidential atmosphere in which the students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any
    concerns they may have. The students are helped to work through their problems, to develop self-awareness and overcome anxiety & stress.

The Counselling Cell consists of a group of students of all courses fondly known as the "Happy Folks" of SFC. They are the volunteers who work in order to create a cheerful atmosphere in the college by organizing regular interactive activities and motivating sessions, always ready to work for the welfare of the students..

1. Competitions –poster making, quiz, debate, quality time, memory games, brain exercises etc….
2. Seminars/workshops-stress management, coping mechanism, mindfulness, emotional first aids,
    relaxation techniques, memory enhancement etc….
3. Motivational sessions.
4. World mental health day observation-Mental Health for AllGreater Investment – Greater Access.
5. Research- study skills, stress, mental health etc..

20-11-21 Saturday Awareness Programme
30-11-21 Saturday Photography competition

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