Rev. Bro. Antony D Vayalil
– Director

Systematic Higher education was associated, in the Modern Era, with the contribution of the colonialists. In the Hunter Commission’s report, this period is referred to as ‘the age of colleges.’

These institutions, in their nascent stage of development, assumed that ‘Quality’ was determined by the internal resources of the faculty, the number of books and journals in the Library, an ultra-modern campus, its definable and assessable outputs, efficient use of resources, producing uniquely educated, highly satisfied and employable graduates. This “value addition education” approach, did not measure the competencies students gained through these courses offered. These ‘competencies’ are ‘recall’ ,’understanding’, and problem-solving, that are gaining currency, and relevant knowledge by way of reading, viewing, listening, assimilating and demonstrating it.

“Recall” is calling to mind once again as a result of paying attention, “Understanding” is plain and simple comprehension and vocabulary development.” The competency of “Problem- solving” is to be developed by solving text book type of problems and the expertise gained to be used meaningfully in handling real life situations.

Higher education is becoming increasingly competitive in terms of students, faculty and resources. Owing to the increasing demand for access to higher education by the common, growing middleclass, it has shifted from being the service of the elite that it was a few decades ago, to a service open to all.

The quality of Higher Education is affected by the FOUR C’s :
(I) The Changing college ,university customs and practices;
(II) Increasing Competition;
(III) Rising Costs;
(IV) Impending Crises

To understand these forces, higher education institutions need to continuously improve and become stronger or else they will cease to be centers of academic excellence. ( Mpaata 2010)

So, my dear students, faculty and all those who are invested in the St. Francis Degree College, these are the opportunities and the course paths to be experienced for a fulfilling academic life.

I wish you a successful, enjoyable year at St. Francis.

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