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Dr. Subba Rao
– Principal

Our goal is to engage our students in cutting-edge classroom learning and real-life work projects that will prepare them for global professions and industry environments relevant for their respective programmes.

Keeping in mind the rapidly evolving world around us, we have made sure to design and deliver quality programmes that will enhance subject area knowledge, refine industry-specific expertise and most importantly encourage personal transformation. We are committed to enabling and facilitating a truly exciting and stimulating learning environment, and experiential education to combine creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and management learning on campus.

We are delighted to have a strong group of in-house faculty who will engage all students in a dynamic and interactive classroom environment. This can be achieved only when we all take on the responsibility of fully engaging in the learning process all the while investing our efforts to be critical and creative thinkers and leaders!

We have launched a series of exciting campus activities, leadership learning events, industry immersion experiences, international collaborations, community engagements, internships, and international initiatives. I ask the students to make the effort to recognize the many great opportunities for education innovations and most importantly make the best of it.

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