You'll get a lot out of your involvement on campus while you're still a student, but the benefits don't stop once you graduate. The skills you develop and the experience you acquire add up to an enticing combination for hiring managers once you begin your job search. Your community participation in college can set you apart from the pack when you're vying for your dream job.

Students who successfully balance a full plate of academia and extracurricular activities come away from the experience with a stronger understanding of their capabilities. This can help you build up the self-assurance needed to take on more challenges. Most importantly, students gain confidence as a result of practicing the art of leadership and real-world skills through a campus activity.

Department of Management Activity 2021-2022

01 30.10.2021 Ice breaker / Erudites Edge / Pick & Speak / Toastmasters / Resume building
02 06.11.2021 General Quiz / Erudites Edge / Turncoat / Impromptu Speech / Business Quiz / Aptitude & Group Discussion
03 20.11.2021 Innovative Advertising / Memory Testing / Filler Free Talk & JAM / Story Telling / Aptitude & HR Interview
04 04.12.2021 Tag Line Quiz / Logo Contest / Business Ideas & Kaizen / Office debates / Role Play / Corporate Collage
05 18.12.2021 Role Play / Corporate Scenarios / Business Simulation / Board Room Meeting / Campus Capture (Video making & Collage)
06 15.01.2022 Press Conference / Students Business Model Exhibition / Stress Management / Nasty & Nice / Best Entrepreneur
07 29.01.2022 Business Communication Etiquette / International & Domestic Departure Formalities Mock Up at SFC Airport / Guest Lecture / Mock Stock
08 05.02.2022 Industrial Visit / Best Management Team (Competition & Activities) / Entrepreneur Talk Series

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