The Sanskriti Utsav was a vibrant and engaging celebration that brought together students and faculty to honor and enjoy cultural diversity. The event started with a warm introduction by the emcee, followed by a prayer song performed by the choir team, setting a reflective and respectful tone for the festivities.

The cultural committee then presented a video that provided glimpses into the significance of ethnic day, showcasing various traditions and the beauty of cultural heritage. This was followed by an elegant fashion walk, where students displayed traditional attire from different cultures, highlighting the diversity within the community.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp was a symbolic act, signifying the commencement of the event and the spreading of knowledge and positivity. The choir team then performed another melodious songs, captivating the audience with their harmonious voices.

A highlight of the event was the launch of the carnivalesque trailer, which added an element of excitement and anticipation for upcoming college fest. The dance performances that followed were a spectacular display of talent, featuring a variety of styles from classical to contemporary, each performance met with enthusiastic applause from the audience.

The competitions were a major part of the event, including categories such as best performer (dance), best entertainer (singing), best dressed (fashion walk), and best stall. Each category saw enthusiastic participation, with students putting their best foot forward to showcase their talents. The winners of these competitions were awarded cash prizes, serving as both recognition and motivation for their outstanding efforts.

In addition to the competitions, the event featured numerous stalls set up by students. These stalls offered a range of cultural displays, food, and accessories, promoting interaction and engagement among attendees. The stalls not only added to the festive atmosphere but also provided a platform for students to express their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Volunteers played a crucial role in the success of the Sanskriti Utsav. Their hard work and dedication were recognized through special awards, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the event's success.

Overall, the Sanskriti Utsav was a well-received celebration that fostered a greater appreciation for cultural heritage and unity among attendees. It successfully highlighted the talents of students, strengthened community bonds, and promoted an inclusive and respectful environment.

1. Best Dressed- Sindhu RJ 6th sem BCA
Javeriya Siddiq- II sem Bcom A&F
2. Best Performer- Dimple& team 4th sem Bcom A&F
3. Best Entertainer - Roshan shah 4th sem BBA Reg
4. Best Stall -Misbah Ul Basar F & Anjum 6th sem Bcom

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