Industry Institution Interaction Committee in Collaboration with IIC

Organized HR Conclave 2024 with the theme “Navigating the Transition to

Professionalism: HR Technology, Innovation, Data Analytics, and Continuous


The Industry Institution Interaction Committee (IIIC) in collaboration with the Institution

Innovation Council (IIC) organized the HR Conclave 2024, which took place on 4th May

2024 between 8.30 am to 5 pm. The event aimed to provide a platform for industry leaders,

HR professionals, and academia to discuss and explore the evolving landscape of human

Resources through innovation.

Event Highlights:

Diverse Speaker Panel: The conclave featured a diverse panel of speakers comprising

Industry experts, HR practitioners, and academic leaders. They shared valuable insights,

Experiences, and best practices related to HR technology, data analytics, and continuous


Thematic Discussions: The event focused on thematic discussions centered around the

Challenges and opportunities in navigating the transition to professionalism in the era of HR

Technology and data analytics. Topics such as the role of AI in recruitment, data-driven

Decision-making in HR, and strategies for continuous learning and development were


Interactive Sessions: The conclave included interactive sessions, workshops, and panel

Discussions, allowing participants to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas,

And network with peers and industry professionals.

Knowledge Sharing: Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends,

Innovations, and emerging practices in HR technology and data analytics. The event

Facilitated knowledge sharing and collaborative learning among participants.

Networking Opportunities: The conclave provided ample networking opportunities for

Participants to connect with industry leaders, HR experts, and fellow professionals. This

Enabled them to build relationships, explore potential collaborations, and expand their

Professional network.


The HR Conclave 2024 organized by IIIC in collaboration with IIC was a resounding

Success, thanks to the collective efforts of all involved. The event served as a platform for

Knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking, contributing to the professional

Development and growth of participants in the field of human resources

We extend our gratitude to all speakers, panelists, sponsors, and participants for their

Valuable contributions and active participation. We look forward to organizing more such

Enriching events in the future to continue fostering industry-academia collaboration and

Driving innovation in HR practices.

Report prepared by Ms Smitha Koshy, IIC Internship Coordinator

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