Report: Orientation on AWS re/Start Internship

Date: 27/03/2024
Time: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Venue: 4th Floor Seminar Hall

Introduction: The Department of BCA organized an orientation session on AWS re/Start Internship for VI Semester Students of the 2021 BCA Batch. The session aimed to introduce students to the AWS re/Start programme and provide insights into the opportunities it offers for skill development and career advancement.

The session commenced with an introduction by the emcee, Ms. Dhanushree A, who welcomed the attendees and set the tone for the orientation.

A moment of prayer was led by Mr. Joel Joseph, invoking blessings for a successful and fruitful session.

Mr. Luqmaan delivered the welcome address, extending a warm welcome to all participants and expressing gratitude to the organizing team and resource persons.

The main session featured presentations by esteemed resource persons:

  • Overview by Mr. Babu Rao E (Manager)

Mr. Babu Rao E provided an insightful overview of the AWS re/Start programme, highlighting its objectives, structure, and benefits for participants.
  • Introduction of Magic Bus by Faheem (Soft Skills Trainer)

Faheem introduced Magic Bus India Foundation, emphasizing its mission to empower underprivileged individuals through education and skill development initiatives.
  • Technical Session by Nanda Kumar (Sr. Lead Trainer)

Nanda Kumar conducted a technical session, delving into the core concepts of AWS cloud computing and providing participants with valuable insights into the technical aspects of the programme.

Mr. Preetham V delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the resource persons, attendees, and organizers for their contributions to the successful conduct of the orientation session.

Conclusion: The orientation on AWS re/Start Internship provided VI Semester Students of the 2021 BCA Batch with valuable insights into the programme's objectives, structure, and benefits. It served as a platform for students to learn about career opportunities in cloud computing and enhance their employability through skill development initiatives.

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