Report: Igniting Excellence for Empowered Educators - Faculty Development Program

Date: 20-02-24 (Tuesday)
Time: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Venue: 4th floor seminar hall

No.of participants: 71

Objective: The Faculty Development Program titled "Igniting Excellence for Empowered Educators" was organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on 20th February 2024, with the primary objective of enhancing the skills, knowledge, and empowerment of educators to excel in their roles within the academic community.


1.    Educators who participate in the program demonstrate improved instructional practices, resulting in enhanced student learning outcomes and academic success.

2.    Participants develop a deeper understanding of educational theories, methodologies, and best practices, leading to increased confidence and competence in their roles as educators.

3.    Educators implement innovative teaching strategies and techniques learned in the program, resulting in increased student engagement, motivation, and active participation in the learning process.

4.    Participants establish professional connections, share resources, and collaborate with peers both within and across institutions, leading to a supportive and collaborative professional community.

Program Highlights:

  1. Introduction : Mr. Sathish Kumar T, Head of the Department of English and the Emcee for the event, commenced the program by welcoming the participants and setting the tone for the day's proceedings.
  2. Prayer : A serene prayer session led by Ms. Shalin from the Department of Management invoked a sense of calmness and positivity, creating a conducive atmosphere for learning and collaboration.
  3. Welcome Address : Mr. Karthik P, the Vice-Principal, delivered a warm welcome address, emphasizing the importance of continuous professional development for educators and expressing gratitude to all attendees for their participation.

  1. Profile Reading:

Ms. Usha L, Head of the Department of Arts, conducted profile readings, highlighting the diverse backgrounds and achievements of the educators present, fostering a sense of appreciation and unity among the participants.
  1. Session by Resource Person:

The main session of the program featured Mr. Ajith Kaikani, representing Buoyancee Growth & Corporate Training. Mr. Kaikani's session focused on equipping educators with practical strategies and insights to ignite excellence in their teaching practices, empowering them to inspire and nurture their students effectively.

The session conducted by the resource person, Mr. Ajith Kaikani from Buoyancee Growth & Corporate Training, was a pivotal component of the "Igniting Excellence for Empowered Educators" Faculty Development Program. Mr. Kaikani's session was designed to provide educators with valuable insights, practical strategies, and motivational guidance to excel in their roles and positively impact student learning outcomes.

Content and Focus: Mr. Kaikani's session covered a wide range of topics relevant to the professional development of educators. He emphasized the importance of adopting innovative teaching methodologies, fostering student engagement, and creating a conducive learning environment. Additionally, he discussed strategies for effective classroom management, student assessment, and feedback mechanisms to facilitate continuous improvement.

Interactive and Engaging Delivery: Mr. Kaikani employed an interactive and engaging delivery style, incorporating real-life examples, case studies, and anecdotes to illustrate key concepts. He encouraged active participation from the audience, fostering dialogue and exchange of ideas. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, participants were able to reflect on their teaching practices and identify areas for improvement.

Inspiration and Motivation: A highlight of Mr. Kaikani's session was his ability to inspire and motivate educators to unleash their full potential. Drawing from his extensive experience in corporate training and leadership development, he shared inspirational stories of educators who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. He emphasized the importance of passion, perseverance, and a growth mindset in overcoming challenges and achieving excellence in teaching.
  1. Tea Break:

A brief tea break provided participants with the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and recharge before continuing with the program.
  1. Vote of Thanks:

Ms. Nethra, Head of the Department of Management, delivered a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the organizers, speakers, and participants for their contributions to the success of the program and their commitment to academic excellence.

Conclusion: The "Igniting Excellence for Empowered Educators" Faculty Development Program was a resounding success, fulfilling its objective of empowering educators with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to excel in their roles. The event exemplified the commitment of the IQAC to promoting continuous learning and professional development within the academic community.

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