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Event Organised for: Students of St. Francis College.
Organised By: NCC NSS, Civil Defence, Women’s Cell & Youth Red Cross
Date: 11th Jan 2023
Time: 8:30AM to 11:00 AM
Venue: 2nd Floor Seminar Hall, St. Francis College, Koramangala

No. of Participants:
ANO’s 03
Cadets 57
NSS, CD, Women’s Cell & YRC Volunteers 160
Staff 05
Total 225
Objective : The main objective was “to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and the exploitation of individuals for the purpose of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation”.

To spread awareness of the affliction experienced by victims and knowing rights and interests in defending against human trafficking.

Here, Code Snippet, Treasure hunt and Innovative Ideas conducted on 16th February. Totally 13 students from BCA from St Francis College participated in Techizen, the Students names are: Joel Mother, Mohammed Luqmaan, Visvajit, Asanth, Akash P, Pradeep S, Jebastin A, Arun K, Franklin Jogan, Janani K, Jayaraj K, Karthik P, Javid Pasha. On the first day of Techizen the Keynote speaker, The vice chancellor of Engineering Dr. Ashwin K gave the introduction to the “Cyber Security”, and Dr. Raj Kumar presented on the topic “Virtualisation”.

Quiz, Debugging, Seminar, Content Creation and Debate conducted on 17th February. Totally 15 students from BCA from St Francis College participated in Techizen, the Students names are: Akash P, Sahil Rajesh, Shashanth Babu, Koguru Varshitha, Dhanushree, Jayaraj K, Janani K, Suryakanth Bal, Karthik P, Jayanth H, Revanth R, Sudharshan M, Abhishek R, Kowshik, Javid Pasha. Winners were decided on the spot and the prices were given on the 2nd day of Techizen. Janani K from 5th Semester BCA ‘A’ section secured 2nd position in Seminar - Tech talk. Certificate is given to all the participants. Pictures

1. Students have understood about the signs of human trafficking and learnt more about the ways in which it affects people around the world
2. Students learnt how to defend themselves and others from being victimized of human trafficking.
3. Students have realized their role and responsibility as a volunteer in providing aid to those who have been victimized.

The event was conducted on 11th Jan 2023, to all the NCC, NSS, Civil Defence, Women’s Cell and Youth Red Cross volunteers of St. Francis College. There were a total 217 students. The event was coordinated by the NCC Committee in association with NSS, Civil Defense, Women’s Cell and Youth Red Cross committees.

Mr. Shivappa Sannada, PSI, Koramangala, Mr. Prakash K B, Police Inspector, Madiwala, Ms. Jyothi Police Inspector, Koramangala and Ms. R Lakshmi chalapathi, BPAC Civic Leader, Jakkasandra ward were resource persons for this programme. Dr. R. N. Subba Rao, Principal, St. Francis College, welcomed all the guests, Dr. lathif Ahamed B, Dr. Nitin Patil and CPL. Anusha S introduced guests to the audience. Resource persons inculcated knowledge in students about signs and various levels of human trafficking, Behaviour of people who have been victimized, law and order for human trafficking accuses, responsibility of a citizen in order to help the victims and prevent human trafficking effectively. Bro. Antony, Director, St. Francis College, motivated the audience with his message and LT. Amaregouda proposed the vote of thanks. Deputy Director Bro. Peter, NSS, Civil Defence Program Officers, Co-ordinators of Women’s Cell & Youth Red Cross Committees were present in this program.

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