The Hindi Club was formed with the intention to improve and develop the four major Hindi language skills. For example, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills.

The Hindi club has more specific importance in acquiring the following objectives;
A) Creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation to practice Hindi.
B) Helping learners use standard Hindi in their practical life.
C) Increasing fluency accents and build confidence to think and speak English.
D) To help them learn correct Hindi pronunciation.
E) Giving the students freedom from conventional academic syllabi, exams and learning.

Department of Hindi Activity 2021-2022

Date Day Event
28-10-2021 Friday Essay Writing Competetion
11-11-2021 Thursday Hindi Language Quiz, Interclass Competition
16-12-2021 Wednesday Guest Lecture
20-12-2021 Monday Paper presentation, Interclass Competition
19-01-2022 Wednesday Guest Lecture

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