Date : 20th January. 2023
Organized by : Department of Arts BVA & B. Sc Interior Design & Decoration
Objective :
• To encourage critical design thinking among students
• Application of inquiry-based learning approach where students can learn from observations

Outcome :
• An opportunity to learn from the interdisciplinary domain
• Understanding of design concepts & its executions

A field visit was arranged for January 20, 2023, along with the B.Sc. Interior Design department. The visit began around 9:30 am as we left the campus. In this visit, students learned about the execution of design elements in the interdisciplinary field. It was an experience-based learning process for the students. Students observed the display setups and various products showcased there. A quick question-and-answer session was conducted to give them a broader perspective and help them with their observations. The visit ended around 3:45 p.m. We can conclude that the visit was successful because the learning outcome was achieved. It helped the students come out of their comfort zone and think outside the box.

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