DATE : 11/12/2023 TO 14/12/2023 t
VENUE : 4th Floor Seminar Hall
Resource Person : Mr. Raghavendra N,
Corporate and Career Trainer, Director of DHal Media.

Faculty's Attended from Each Department.
Ms. Chandrakala Venkatesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.
Ms. Vandana R, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.
Ms. Anima, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.
Mr. Shivakumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.
Ms. Aishwarya, Assistant Professor, Department of Management.
Ms. Maria Glory, Assistant Professor, Department of Management.
Ms. Usha Lakshman, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Arts.

Objectives :
1.To Equip them for the competitive exams.
2. To Cultivate and Enhance the Basic Mathematical Skills and Reasoning Skills among Faculty Members and Students.

Learning Outcomes:
1. It Enhances the skills to clear the competitive exams.
2. It Enhance and narrows down the gaps between Numerical Skills and Analytical skills among us.

This session briefed about the basic numerical skills which students must possess to attend the main exam and explained the concepts to be covered under numerical aptitude which are given below:
• Number system,
• HCF & LCM,
• Ratio and Proportion,
• Averages,
• Ages,
• Percentages,
• Data Interpretation, (concentrate up to DI)
• Partnerships,
• Time, Speed and Distance,
• Profit and Loss,
• Problems based on Simple interest, Compound interest,
• Clocks, and Calendars.
Further the resource person instructed students to follow the given basic mathematics skills such as;
• Basic mathematical operations
• Squares until 20
• Cubes until 10
• Prime numbers until 10 and Tables up to 30.

As per the instructions of Bengaluru City University, Department of Commerce, Management, Arts and Science of St. Francis College, Koramangala, Bengaluru had organized the workshop on employability skills specifically Quantitative Aptitude from 11/12/2023 to 14/12/2023 in the 4th floor seminar hall for all the V semester B.COM/BBA/BA&B.SC Students in 4 batches. The resource person had briefed about the importance of aptitude in our day-to-day life and helped the students to solve them quickly by tricks and logics. Further the students also interacted with the resource person to clarify their doubts. Overall, the session was knowledgeable.

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