Date : 01 February 2023
Organized by : Department of Arts BVA & B. Sc Interior Design & Decoration
Objective :
• To encourage critical design thinking among students
• Application of inquiry-based learning approach where students can learn from observations

Outcome :
• Develop visual literacy and articulacy to explain design decisions
• Initiate an attitude of playfulness to aid design thinking

A field visit was arranged for February 1, 2023, along with the B.Sc. in Interior Design department. The visit began around 9:30 am as we left the campus. First, we visited the Karanataka Chitrakala Parishath, which is located at Seshadri Puram, Bangalore. Students were briefed about what to explore and how to observe the art works. An art mediation activity was introduced to the students in the premises of Chitrakala Parishath to challenge their thinking process. The aim of the activity was to trigger the imagination of students so they could visualise the sentences that were handed over to them as part of the activity. Through this visit, students were introduced to different forms of art. Chitrakala Parishath has some permanent exhibits by very renowned veteran artists. Students were encouraged to investigate the works and understand the underlying concepts and processes.

There happened to be an exhibition going on at one of the galleries by the artisans of Madhya Pradesh. Those were the artisans from the tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh. Their unique style of painting is known as gond art and bhilla art. Our students had a great opportunity to interact with them and observe a demonstration first-hand there.

Post lunch, due to time constraints, we decided to visit the National Gallery of Modern Art, which is nearby, instead of going to the Government Museum of Arts. The NGMA building itself is a good example of architecture. Students were engaged in a question-and-answer session based on their observations at NGMA. We left from there around 3 o'clock and reached the campus by 4 o'clock.

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