• To provide participants with an opportunity to explore the key developments in IT industry, brainstorm unique solutions and test your skills.
• To introduce participants with a journey to digital space and gain insights though hands on tech experience and connect with their peers.

Outcome :
• To embark on a journey to digital space.
• To gain expert insights through hands-on experience and connect with pers.
• To exlore the key developments in the IT industry, brainstorm unique solutions, and test skills

Event Summary:

The TechX event, held on November 4th, 2023, was an illustrious gathering that celebrated innovation, technology, and the spirit of learning. The event was meticulously organized, featuring a sequence of engaging activities and esteemed dignitaries from the tech industry.
The proceedings began with a serene Prayer Song by the Choir Team, setting a harmonious tone for the event. Following this, a mesmerizing Prayer Dance performance by Ms. Likitha from the MCA 1st year added a touch of artistic elegance to the occasion.
The Lighting of the Lamp ceremony was graced by all the dignitaries, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge and wisdom. The Welcome Address by the Principal extended warm greetings to the esteemed guests and participants, marking the commencement of the event.

As the event unfolded, the audience was honored to witness the Presidential Address delivered by the Director, offering insightful perspectives on the role of technology in shaping the future.
The launch of the Promo Video by the Technical Team captivated the audience, providing a glimpse into the innovation and excitement that awaited during the TechX event.
An engaging introduction to the Chief Guest, Mr. Nikhil Hegde, Senior Subject Matter Expert at Rubixe, was presented by Ishika, a proficient student from the BCA 3rd year. Mr. Hegde's captivating speech shed light on the evolving tech landscape and its impact on various industries, inspiring the audience with his expertise and vision.
The Inauguration Speech by Mr. Sajad Chemmukkan, CEO & Director of TechbyHeart, marked the official inauguration of TechX. His words resonated with the spirit of innovation, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptability in the ever-changing technological landscape.
The culmination of the formalities included the inauguration of TechX by all the dignitaries, signifying the beginning of a dynamic and knowledge-packed event.
The event further proceeded with the IT Club Office Bearers Ceremony, recognizing the passionate individuals entrusted with leading the club's initiatives towards technological excellence.
Concluding the proceedings, Mr. Sreenath from TechbyHeart provided an insightful overview of InternCan, followed by a gracious Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all who contributed to the success of TechX.

There were totally 4 workshops conducted two events in morning session and two events in the afternoon sessions.

Morning Session:
Workshop on Data Science:

Workshop was conducted on Data Science by Dr Mohammed Anees V who is an Adhoc lecturer in NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Calicut, Kerala.
He has expertise knowledge in data mining, data structure laboratory and Data base management laboratory. The workshop was conducted at 2nd floor seminar hall from 10.30 AM to 1.Pm. There was a total strength of 45 students.
Event Co-ordinators for the event was Barghavi Jagadeesh

Workshop on Cyber Security:
WORKSHOP was conducted on CYBER SECURITY by Dhanoop.R, who is an certified Ethical hacker and also a certified EC-COUNCIL Instructor.
Dhanoop is also accredited by NASSCOM.
The workshop was conducted at 4th floor seminar hall from 10.30 AM to 1.Pm.
There wasa total strength of 136 students.
Event Co-ordinators for the event was Dr Geetha.S.

Afternoon Session:
Workshop on Cyber Forensic:

WORKSHOP was conducted on CYBER Forensic by Mr Babu Madhavan, who is a cyber forensic investigator and Phd Research Scholar.
Babu madhavan is a certified forensic examiner and certified lead auditor by CISA.
The workshop was conducted at 2nd floor seminar hall from 1.00 PM to 5.00Pm. There was a total strength of 20 students.
Event Co-ordinators for the event was Barghavi Jagadeesh.

Workshop on AWS:
WORKSHOP was conducted on AWS Service by Mr Muhammed Mubashir, who is a AWS cloud engineer with a strong background knowledge in cloud computing and AWS service.
The workshop was conducted at 4th floor seminar hall from 1.00 PM to 5.00Pm.
There was a total strength of 45 students.
Event Co-ordinators for the event was Dr Geetha.S

HACKATHON–The game to enhance the problem solving skillwas conductedat6th floor 10am to 1 pm. There were total of 13 teams with 30 students participated in the even. Resource Person for the event was Mr Aswin Krishna who is a cyber-security analyst in Techbyheart private limited.
Winners of HACKATHON:
1st Place: PRATHYUSH KASHYAP, Bhavika Thanwar and Nirjara Kulkarni from jain university.
2nd Place: Harish priyam from Ramiah college of arts and science.
The event co-ordinators was Ms. Bhavya.

TEHCH QUIX was conducted by the resource person Advocate Jerry Peter who is a National finalist in quiz at the inter university national youth festival organized by Association of Indian universities.
QUIZ even was conducted at Room No 402 from 10.00 Am onwards.
There were total of 16 teams participated in the event.
Winners of TECH QUIZ:
1st Place (Men): Mayank Ranjan, Anshu Kumar and Joseph p.j from Christ University.
2nd Place (Men): Malika and Tina Dokaniya from Christ University.
The event co-ordinators was Mrs. Barathi.GR

5. CALL OF DUTY & BGMI (7 team 6th floor seminar hall bgmi-28 teams)
CALL OF DUTY was conducted at 6th floor seminar hall from 10 Am.
Total 8teams participated in CALL OF DUTY Event.

Winners of CALL OF DUTY:
1st Place: Tanush B.Saini, Venkat Narain, Jaikumar Singhi, Akshay singh dadwal and Manish kumar jain from Jain University.
2nd Place: Chethan, Paras, Vishnu, Kevan and Kohely from

The event co-ordinators was Mrs Shivanjalli.

6. BGMI:
BGMI was conducted at room no 201, 202, 215 and 216 from 10 Am.
There were a total number of 28 teams with 126 students participated in the event.
Winners of CALL OF BGMI:
1st Place:Rahul C.R, Praveen.G, Shashank.H,S.Tharun from St Francis College.
2nd Place: Aditya Sadum, Mohammed Shahzaan, Shiek Ayub and Aryan Bhargav from St Francis College.

The event co-ordinators was Mr Krishnan.C.

TechX Valedictory Function Report
The Valedictory Function of TechX culminated in a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere, marking the conclusion of a remarkable event filled with talent, innovation, and spirited performances. Held with grandeur and enthusiasm, the evening of November 4th witnessed a cascade of awe-inspiring performances and acknowledgments. The evening commenced with Praveen Kumar and AbinayaSree, first-year MCA students, setting the stage with a warm Introduction, ushering in the essence of the valedictory ceremony.
The melodious rendition by the Choir Team in the Prayer segment evoked a sense of tranquility and reverence among the attendees, setting the stage for the captivating artistic presentations that followed.
Anamika, a talented second-year BCA student, enthralled the audience with a mesmerizing Solo Dance in the Classical style, showcasing grace and finesse in every move. This was complemented by Aashish, a second-year BCA student, who delivered a soulful Solo Song, captivating the audience with his melodious voice. Mr. Maaz Sharif, a second-year BCA student, presented an insightful Report of the Event, reflecting on the journey and accomplishments of TechX, encapsulating the essence of the myriad activities and contributions. The Semi-Classical performance in Contemporary Style by Sharline and Team captivated the audience with their fusion of classical and modern dance forms, leaving a lasting impression.
Feedback from two participants representing other colleges provided valuable insights and perspectives, enriching the event with diverse viewpoints.
The event continued with captivating performances, including Guitar by Akash, a third-year BCA student, engaging activities like the Prize Quiz, Fashion Walk led by Kishan and Team, and engaging competitions like Game CODM, Game BGMI, and Hackathon, awarding recognition to the brightest minds.
Likitha and her team enthralled the audience with a vibrant Group Dance, showcasing synchronization and creativity in their performance.
The evening reached its crescendo with a captivating Entertainment Dance led by Anusha and Team, igniting the stage with energy and zeal, captivating everyone present.
The Vote of Thanks, graciously delivered by Mr. Sahil Rajesh, expressed gratitude to all contributors, participants, and sponsors who made TechX an astounding success.
The event concluded on a patriotic note with the rendition of the National Anthem by the Technical Team, symbolizing unity and pride.
As the evening transitioned into celebration, Mr. Abbu took charge of the DJ, infusing the atmosphere with rhythm and fervor, allowing attendees to revel in the festivities until 8:30 PM.
The TechX Valedictory Function was a testament to the collaborative spirit, talent, and dedication showcased by all participants, leaving an indelible mark of success and camaraderie.


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