Event Organized for : Seminar on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking
Date : 5th May 2023
Time : 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM
Venue : 4th floor seminar hall
No of Participants : one hundred and seven (107)

Event coordinator : Ms Sabitha S

Resource Person : Mr. Dhanroop R and Mr.Sreenath Gopinath

Objective :
This seminar on Cyber security and Ethical Hacking was organized by the college to raise awareness and educate students about the risks associated with cybercrime and the measures that can be taken to prevent such activities. The seminar aims to educate participants about the importance of cybersecurity and how it can be used to protect sensitive data and information.

Outcome :
The outcomes of this seminar on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking wasstudents were able to learn about types of attacks, attackers and security threats and vulnerabilities present in the computer system as well as tools and techniques to safeguard oneself in cyber space.

Some of the key takeaways form this seminar were:
1. Increased awareness : Participants gained a better understanding of the importance of cybersecurity and ethical hacking, the risks associated with cybercrime. This will help them to be more vigilant and take appropriate measures to protect their personal and professional information

2. Improved knowledge : The seminar equipped participants with the knowledge and skills required to implement effective cybersecurity measures and defend against cyber threats. They learnt about the latest tools and techniques used by ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks.

3. Enhanced security : By implementing the strategies and recommendations provided in the seminar, participants will be able to enhance the security of their systems and networks. This will reduce the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and other forms of cybercrime.

4. Increased collaboration : The seminar provided a platform for participants to network and collaborate with the professionals in the field. This led to the sharing of ideas and best practices.

5. Greater confidence : Armed with the knowledge and skills gained from the seminar, participants gained greater confidence in their ability to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats.

About the resource person:
1.Sreenath Gopinath
Associate Member of National Cyber safety and Security Standard New Delhi
Director &CMO -Techbyheart India pvt.ltd Kochi
Centre head of AppinTechnogy lab(Delhi IIT Based Cyber Security Institution) Kochi,Kozhikode
Pride of Nation Award Winner First Keralite
APJ ABDUL KALAM Award winner
Rajeev Gandhi International Excellence Award - 2021

2.Dhanoop R
vt Ltd
Cyber Security Expert at Appin Technology Lab, Kochi
(Delhi IIT Based cyber Security institution )
Handled many workshops in famous colleges in Kerala, Bangalore,Tamilnadu

Report or Overall Summary:
St Francis college in association with TECHBYHEART organized a seminar on Cyber security and Ethical Hacking for 4th semester BCA students on 5th May 2023 at 10:45 AM. HoD of the BCA department Mrs. Sabitha. S,welcomed the speakers for the day and principal -Dr. R N Subba Rao.
The seminar began with a prayer seeking god’s blessings which was led by Alan John A. Mr.Sreenath Gopinath and Mr. Dhanroop R were the resource persons for the seminar who were welcomed by PAkash,guests were greeted with a bouquet by the principal and their profileswere read by Sahil Rajesh.
The seminar began with Mr. Sreenathexplaining about Kevin Mitnick and Jonathan James the two famous hackers and their experiencesinhacking and their life.Later the session was taken over by Mr. Dhanroop where he explained various topics relating to cybercrime, cyberlaws, hacking, spamming, android hacking, social media its advantages& disadvantages and gave students’ knowledge about various tools involved in hacking, demonstrated how DDOS attacks and spamming attacks are carried out. He also gave relatable real-life examples about how people have been affected by hacking and other cybercrimes. He cautioned the students and explained them about various measures they should take to safeguard themselves from such cybercrimes.
The seminar ended byvote of thanks proposed by Joel Joseph Motha and filling of feedback form given by Mr. Dhanroop.The session was indeed useful and informativeforstudents as they gained knowledge about topics that they were not really exposed to in their curriculum.

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