• For whom: All UG Students (intercollegiate)
• Date: 25/06/2022
• No.of participants:50

Group event. Team of 2.
They needed to pick up from each other, solve puzzles together, and play to each of their strengths. The event was conducted in the classroom no. 411. The duration was 1 hour. The event started at 10 am & ended at 11.30 am. There were 25 teams. Total 50 participants. Students were excited & enthusiastically tried to solve most of the problems. They also filled a feedback form. They were not allowed to use calculators & mobile phones.

Mathematic squid game was held on the 3rd day of CARNIVALESQUE 2022 on 25th of June 2022. The registration started at 8:30 am and closed at 10:15. There were 25 teams registered in which each team had 2 members. The game started at 10:30 am in Room No.411. Ms. Jincy, Faculty coordinator of the game explained the rules and regulations to the participants. There were two judges- Mr. Jijo Thomas from Christ junior college as external and Ms. Sabitha from computer science department as internal. As the name says, the game had 6 rounds. First round was ‘Red Light, Green Light’ where Participants should solve the BODMAS sums when green lights are visible and should stop solving when the red light comes. Second round ‘Honeycomb/Dolgona’ where the participants have to find the number of squares and triangles in a picture. The third round was ‘Tug of war’ in which the participants have to solve sudoku in given time limit. The fourth round was ‘marbles’ where the participant teams were split and was asked to wait in Room no 412 and 1st set of participants should solve the given series and the next set does the same. If both of the members get it right, they stay or they were eliminated. The fifth round was ‘Glass-tile’ were the participants had to solve the crosswords. The final round The Squid Game was in which the participants is given a set of questions, those teams who answered a greater number of questions correctly, they could take the trophies home. The first prize was participants from St. Anne’s college for women, second prize was participants from KLES College and third prize was participants from BMS college for women. The event ended at 11:30 successfully.

To, 25thJune 2022
Mr. Jijo Thomas
Lecture, Department of Mathematics
Christ Junior college,

Dear Sir,


On behalf of the Institution, and the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, we truly appreciate your time and effort for being the judge for the event “Mathematical Squid Game” of Carnivalesque 2022, a National Level Inter-Collegiate fest organized by St. Francis College, Koramangala, Bengaluru on Saturday, 25th June 2022.
Looking forward to your continuous support to the institution.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. R N Subba Rao

Club/ Department Activities - Submission Form

1 Proposed date 25-06-2022
2 Nature of the Initiative Intercollegiate Mathematical Squid Game
3 Department Mathematics& Statistics
4 Objectives • Helps students tie mathematical concepts to their reality.
• This activity will help expand students’ understanding of the scope of math in their lives.
   For even greater relevance, we encourage them to tie their math lessons to real-world problem-solving,
   as well as careers requiring math expertise.
• It will spark genuine interest and excitement in students about topics which may not normally have time
   for in the classroom.
• To encourage students to share their creative and innovative approaches.
• To make students think, reason, analyse and articulate logically.
• Acquire knowledge of facts, concepts, theories and principles.
• Develop the ability to communicate mathematical ideas with precision.
5 Learning Outcome To develop their mathematical perspective.
• Engagement- students are so immersed in the mystery and excitement, that they don’t even consider it
   an educational activity.
• Revision- The event allows students to use clues along their activity, and these clues are related to the subject.
• Assessment- When students solve puzzles, it indicates they understand the content of the event(subject).
6 Procedure/ Details Participant must be pursuing any UG course.
Group event.
Elimination after each round.
In each round they solve, puzzles, sudoku, missing series, identifying shapes,etc.
The wining team completes 6 rounds.
Whoever completes the event in the stipulated time, wins the contest.
Certificates will be given to all participants
Prize(trophies) and certificate to winners.
7 Recommended Speakers/ Resource Person Judge external: Mr. Jijo Thomas
Lecturer, Christ Junior college, Bangalore.
8 Budget (if any) I prize - Rs. 1000, certificates
II prize - Rs. 800, certificates
Stationary for promotion & conduction (chart paper & props etc.) for student volunteers - Rs. 700

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