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Mr. Karthik P

Vice Principal

Qualification: M.Com, NET, KSET, (Ph.D)
Current Status: Vice Principal
Date of Joined: 3/8/2020
Total Experience: 8.7 years
Teaching : 8.7 years
Industry : 1.5 years

Mr. Karthik P has completed his Master of Commerce (M.Com), specialized in Accounting and Taxation from Department of Commerce, Central College campus, Bangalore University and has qualified UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) from NTA and KSET from University of Mysore.

Publication (Papers)
S.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No/DOI
1 Importance of employee welfare facilities and its effect on the work efficiency of employees with special reference to creative suite pvt ltd Vidyabharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal 2020-21 ISSN : 2319 - 4979, Special Issue / 53 - 57
2 Investors’ behaviour towards the emergence of systematic investment plan of mutual funds in Bengaluru International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM) 2021-22 ISSN: 2454-9150, Vol-08, Issue 03, June 2022, Page No: 422-428
3 Investment in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of private Mutual Funds-Perception of Investors’ in Bengaluru Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai 2022-23 ISSN: 0972-0766, Vol. XCVI, No.1 (II), 2023, Page No: 302-310
4 Factors influencing investor’s perception towards systematic investment plan of mutual funds in Bengaluru South India Journal of Social Sciences 2023-24 ISSN: 0972-8945, Vol. XXI, No.16, Pg No - 188-194
5 Adoption and impact of green banking products: a comprehensive study on customer behaviour and social media influence Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship 2023-24 ISSN: 2229-5348, Vol. 17, No.3 (III), Pg No 148-156
Publication (Books)
S.No. Book title Publisher Authors Year No of Chapters
1 Digital Marketing Vision Book House Karthik P, Padmavathi N, Rachana K M 2022 -
2 Information Technology for Business Himalaya Publishing House R G Saha, Karthik P 2022 -
3 Digital Marketing Himalaya Publishing House Dr. Arijit Roy, Karthik P, Shankar Guddad 2022 -
S.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution
1 National Conference Presented paper "Negotium Procuratio" - International e-Conference 2021 the new wave in business management practices: Opportunities and Challenges Importance of employee welfare facilities and its effect on the work efficiency of employees with special reference to creative suite pvt ltd 05.02.2021 St. Claret College
2 International Conference Presented paper Global Business Transformation - Leveraging Technology Investors' Behavior towards the emergence of SIP as a profitable investment avenue - A study 14.07.2022 & 15.07.2022 Mount Carmel College, Autonomous in association with Central Oklahoma
3 International Conference Presented paper Emerging Trends in Commerce, Management, and Computer Science A Study on Strategies used to maintain confidence of retail investors to choose Systematic Investment Plan of Mutual Funds as their Prefered Investment 13.08.2022 Brindavan College
4 International Conference Presented paper Strategic Operational Challenges in Emerging Markets organized organized by Investors' perception towards investment in Systematic Investment Plan of Mutual Funds 15.12.2022 St. Claret College in Colloboration with mLAC
5 2 Days International Conference SIMIRCON 2023 Presented paper Strategic Advances and Developments in Commerce and Management for sustainable future business A Study on Investment in SIP among the Salaried Employees 10.02.2023 & 11.02.2023 Sindhi Institute of Management in association with ICAI, Kolkata, Toronto Overseas Centre of Cost Accountants in India, Davanagere University, CBSMS, BCU
6 International Conference Presented paper Contemporary Trends in Commerce and Management Organized A Study on Factors affecting the satisfaction level of SIP mutual funds investors in Bengaluru 30.06.2023 Deparment of Commerce and Management, St. Francis College
S.No. Title of Event Type of Event Level Organized by Place Date from Date to
1 5 Days Online Workshop on SPSS in Research 5 Days Workshop National STAR International Foundation for Research and Education Tamilnadu 26.12.2023 30.12.2023
2 FDP on Research & Innovation 1 Day FDP National SFC in association with JNC Virtual 16.12.2023 16.12.2023
3 Webinar on Process of Innovation Development, Technology Readiness Level and Entrepreneueship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development 1 Day Webinar National SFC Virtual 12.12.2023 12.12.2023
4 Webinar on Overview of Ind AS -37 & IND AS 115 2 Days Webinar National SSMRV College Virtual 23.11.2023 24.11.2023
5 FDP on Research Methodology 5 Days FDP National Department of Commerce, Bangalore University Virtual 20.11.2023 24.11.2023
6 Curriculum Orientation Workshop of 5th Sem BBA Regular and BBA Aviation Courses 1 Day Workshop National Department of Management, St. Francis College Bangalore 31.10.2023 31.10.2023
7 FDP on Mastering the art of research methodology: Empowering the faculty for excellence 5 Days FDP National Rajapalyam Rajus' College, TN Tamilnadu 30.10.2023 03.11.2023
8 FDP on Ultra Paradigm in Research Methods 1 Day FDP National Community Centre Group of Educational Institutions Bangalore 11.10.2023 11.10.2023
9 Hybrid National Seminar on Research 5 Days FDP National R & D Cell in association with IQAC & Department of Management Virtual 22.05.2023 26.05.2023
10 MDP on Research Methodology: Tools and Techniques 1 Day FDP National Department of Post Graduate Studies, St. Francis College Bangalore 23.08.2023 23.08.2023
11 National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission 1 Day Webinar National Intellectual Property Office, Delhi Virtual 11.08.2023 11.08.2023
12 Webinar Revised Assessment & Accreditation of NAAC Changes & Challenges 7 Days Webinar National SSMRV College Virtual 01.02.2023 08.02.2023
13 FDP on NAAC Criterias 5 Days FDP National Jnana Jyothi Degree College Virtual 06.02.2023 11.02.2023
14 Webinar on Impact of union budget 2023 on middle income group 1 Day Webinar National SSMRV College Virtual 10.02.2023 10.02.2023
15 Seminar on Income Tax E-Filing - Process and Procedure 2 Days Seminar National Department of Management, St. Francis Collge Bangalore 30.1.2023 31.01.2023
16 FDP on Project Orientation for III Sem MBA 1 Day FDP National Community Institute of Management Studies in association with CBSMS, BCU Bangalore 09.12.2022 09.12.2022
17 Syllabus Orientation Program of I & III Sem B.Com 1 Day Orientation National Department of Commerce, St. Francis College Bangalore 02.12.2022 02.12.2022
18 FDP on Research Guidelines - Literature Review, Questionnaire Designing, and Application of Statistical tools 3 Days FDP National SSMRV College Virtual 02.11.2022 04.11.2022
19 Symposium on Forensic Accounting and Role of an Accountant 1 Day Symposium National IQAC and Department of Management, St. Francis College Bangalore 07.05.2022 07.05.2022
20 Webinar on Financial Empowerment and Career Options in Securities Market 1 Day Webinar National Dr. BR Ambedkar Post Graduate Centre, University of Mysore in association with AMFI Virtual 28.04.2022 28.04.2022
21 FDP on Guiding for Writing and Publishing Effective Research Paper 1 Day FDP National Sheshadripuram Evening Degree College Virtual 18.04.2022 18.04.2022
22 Webinar on Technological Intervention in Financial Accounting 1 Day Webinar National MES College of Arts, Commece & Science Virtual 17.04.2022 17.04.2022
23 Workshop on Research Methodology and Data Analysis 7 Days Workshop National Sri Krishna Aditya College of Arts and Science Virtual 25.10.2021 01.11.2021
24 VI Sem BBA Project Orientation 1 Day Orientation National Bengaluru City University Bangalore 14.07.2022 14.07.2022
25 FDP on Research Article Writing and Publication 1 Day FDP National Williams International College Virtual 30.05.2022 30.05.2022
26 FDP on Inclulcating Universal Human Values in Education - An aspiration of NEP 2020 5 Days FDP National HKBK Degree College Virtual 09.05.2022 09.05.2022
27 National Webinar on Strategy for Managing Personal Finance 1 Day Webinar National Sheshadripuram First Grade College Virtual 21.01.2022 21.01.2022
28 Webinar on Financial Empowerment through Wealth Creation 1 Day Webinar National SCAD College of Engineering and Technology Virtual 11.01.2022 11.01.2022
29 FDP on Investment Education and Awareness 3 Days FDP National Sraddha Academy for Financial Education Virtual 13.12.2021 15.12.2021
30 Seminar on Digital Transformation and E-Governance Ramification in Social Resurgence 3 Days Seminar National Sheshadripuram College Virtual 7.10.2021 9.10.2021
31 Workshop on Opportunities and Challenges in the implementation of NEP 2020 in HEIs 1 Day Workshop National MLA First Grade College for Women & MLA Academy for Higher Learning Virtual 24.08.2021 24.08.2021
32 Webinar on Implementation of NEP 2020 - Opportunities and Challenges 1 Day Webinar National Bangalore University First Grade College Principals' Association and VET First Grade College Virtual 23.08.2021 23.08.2021
33 Webinar on Financial Literacy and Investor Awareness Program through Gamification 1 Day Webinar National Department of Commerce, St. Francis College Virtual 03.07.2021 03.07.2021
34 Webinar on Preparation of Dissertation of PG Students 1 Day Webinarr National Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce Virtual 08.06.2021 08.06.2021
35 MDP on Financial Literacy 6 Days MDP National St. Claret College Bangalore 07.06.2021 12.06.2021
36 Virtual Workshop on Practicals on Skill Development - IV Sem BBA and BBA Aviation Management 1 Day Workshop National Sindhi College in association with BCU & BUTCCM Virtual 02.06.2021 02.06.2021
37 International Virtual Workshop on Research Paradigms 6 Days WorkshopP International R & D Cell, St. Francis College Virtual 03.05.2021 08.05.2021
38 National Webinar on National Education Policy 2020 1 Day Webinar National MQI College of Management Bangalore 24.04.2021 24.04.2021
39 FDP on Metacognitive Strategies in Handling Millenials 1 Day FDP National T. John Institute of Management & Science Virtual 22.01.2021 22.01.2021
40 Webinar on National Education Policy 2020 1 Day Webinar National St. Francis College Virtual 07.01.2021 07.01.2021
41 National Webinar on Pollution Induced Heritable Mutations 1 Day Webinar National St. Claret College in assocition with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India Virtual 20.11.2020 20.11.2020
42 Webinar on Successful Failures: A turnaround strategies 1 Day Webinar National Spurthy College of Science and Management Studies Virtual 03.10.2020 03.10.2020
Guest Lectures Delivered
S.No. Title Date College Invited
1 Talk on Bangalore University Examination from the perspective of NEP 07.03.2023 ISBR College, Bangalore
2 Guest Lecture on Bank Reconciliation Statement 25.01.2023 SSMRV College, Bangalore
3 Guest Lecture on Income Tax Provisions for V Sem B.Com Students 29.12.2022 Community Institute of Commerce and Management Studies, Bangalore
4 Guest Lecture on Tally Prime I Sem BBA Students 29.12.2022 Community Institute of Commerce and Management Studies, Bangalore
5 Talk on Literacy 10.07.2022 Rotary, Bangalore North West
6 Resource person for the Tally Workshop 28.02.2022 Koshys Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore
7 Resource Person for the Workshop on Tally 26.02.2022 HKBK Degree College, Bangalore
7 Resource Person for the Workshop on Tally 26.02.2022 HKBK Degree College, Bangalore
8 Guest Lecture on Corporate Accounting - A functional tool of Corporate Business Entity 25.01.2022 Dayanand Sagar College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Bangalore
9 Resource Person for the Seminar on ICT - ITeS 20.01.2022 St. Claret College, Bangalore
10 Resource Person for the 2 Day workshop on Tally ERP 28.12.2021 - 29.12.2021 HKBK Degree College, Bangalore
Awards/Acheivements /Others
S.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/ Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Membership Life time member Indian Council for Business Education (ICBE)
2 Gold Medalist For being meritorious and distinction student in M.Com Vasavi Union and Vasavi Union Charitable Trust 2017
3 Life Time Achievement Award Nava Bharatha Nirmana Vidya Mandira 2017
4 YEI Group Recognition Award Best performance in the project Fidelity Investments 2012-13

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