Mr.Jesmon Raj N

Assistant Professor
Department of Commerce

Qualification: M.Com (Ph.D)
Current Status: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
Date of Joined: 01/08/2020
Total Experience: 10 years
Teaching : 10 years
Industry : Nil


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Publication: Journal Details

Jesmon Raj N, Pramod Kumar Pandey, Joel Hemanth, "Impact of Goods and Services Tax on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises during Pandemic (COVID-19) Period" Journal of Jilin University, Scopus Q2 Journal.

Presentation : International Conference

Jesmon Raj N., A study on effect of GST on MSME in India, IIM Lucknow & University of Delhi on November 2019.
Jesmon Raj N, An Econometric analysis of Tourism and Economic growth in Sr Lanka, 3rd International conference on Applied Econometrics, The Indian Econometric Society, New Delhi; IBS Hyderabad, December 2011, Volume III, page no 40.
Jesmo Raj N, Social responsibility lending to Green Banking Policies in India, Emerging trends in commerce and management: Challenges and strategies in global scenario, February 2012, page no 65.
Jesmon Raj N, Hedging Effectiveness in Indian Commodity future markets, Competency building strategies in business and technology for sustainable development, Chennai, Volume II, page no 186
Jesmon Raj N, Project management practices in public sector undertakings - A study with reference to BEML, Bangalore, XVI Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations Management, IIT Delhi; IIM Lucknow& GVSU, USA, December 2012, page no 190.
Jesmon Raj N, An Empirical study on shareholders value creation through short term capital management, Global trade vision 2020- Issues & Strategies in current scenario, March 2013, page no 130.
Jesmon Raj N, A Study on investors performance to equity and mutual fund with reference to Infolive Ltd, Problems & Prospects of Rural Banking and its Impacts of Rural Households, Indian council of Social Science Research, December 2014, page no 98.
Jesmon Raj N, The GST from entrepreneurial perspective – with special reference to Rakhee Aluminium and Hardware centre, ICDE 2019- International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship in Presidency University, Bengaluru, Volume II, Page no 107.
Jesmon Raj N., Dr. Pramod. A study on effect of GST on E-Commerce in India ICDE 2019- International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship in Presidency University, Bengaluru, Volume II, Page no 234.
Jesmon Raj N., A Study to Assess the Perception of Business Scenario Related to Goods and Service Tax (GST), International Conference on Applied Management Trends and Perspective in Business Growth Trajectory, Presidency University, Bengaluru Volume IV.

Presentation : National Conference

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