Activity : “Grooming and BMI standards in Aviation Industry” conducted by the Department of BBA Aviation.
Date : 25 September 2023.
Was the event conducted : Yes/No (Yes)
No of Participants : 49

Objective : The key objective or goal of the event was to make students of Aviation realize the importance of grooming. Aviation is an industry which involves a lot of human incomings and outgoings. So, it is very crucial for the Aviation Professionals to groom themselves well. This event shows the main objective of building their confidence with their look.

How was the event executed : The event was conducted in a very student friendly manner. The students were recommended to bring grooming products respective to their gender. This session started at 9:00AM. Students were trained by the grooming professionals of Aviation industry.
Ms Sajina presided the session who is a core lead with Indigo Airlines.
By the end of the session, the students came up with new tricks to groom themselves well and the best way to approach people.

Level of Achievement : Satisfied/ Not Satisfied. (Satisfied)

Morning always proves itself to be the most energetic time in the day. With great enthusiasm, the students assembled in the classes at 8:40AM. Later the students were taken to the seminar hall. After the attendance was taken the session began with a informative present at 9:00AM sharp.

The presentation was conducted for a quarter of an hour which gave an idea to the students about the diet plan, way to approach people, quality of dressing and some dermatosis suggestions to improve skin care. It also included how to groom as an Aviation professional and maintain the style for a longer basis. The presentation was concluded with bullet points on how the attitude and behavior of an Aviation professional should be.

The event was incomplete without the practical session of grooming. So, the next activity which was conducted after the presentation was grooming. In this the grooming professionals of aviation industry was likely to teach students how to groom themselves with grooming products which students were asked to bring. The session also had BMI standards which were the height and weight check of students.
With great learning and understanding about the grooming the session ended at 11:15AM.

Key Highlight :
As mentioned before, the event was highlighted by the innovative techniques in grooming, the way to treat or approach people, professional training in grooming, health, BMI standards and skin care suggestions. These key highlights always plays a crucial role in Aviation Industry in the appearance and behavior of professionals.

Recommendations (if any) : NA

The first-year BBA aviation students had the chance to experience and learn about the grooming, BMI standards, attitude and behavior and some key highlights. These key highlights decide the primary scope of an individual to stand and work in Aviation Industry in the long run. There were 49 participants who attended the session in the seminar hall and explored key factors to be followed during grooming which would increase their confidence. This session was conducted for two and half hours which helped the students to explore the above key highlights.

We express our gratitude to the institution for providing us with an opportunity like this to learn a lot for our future role as Aviation professionals. We were thankful for this opportunity and would look forward to more such sessions in our upcoming academic years.

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