Name of the event : Field Trip
Date & Day : 27th January 2023 (Friday)
Time : 7.30AM- 8.30 PM
Event Coordinator : Ms. Bhargavi Jagadish, Ms. Usha Lakshman , Ms Soujannya Diwan

Objective : 1. The objective of this field trip was to get to know the village life and get closer to nature.
2. To implement the technology and Interact with the locals to understand about the agricultural farming and to the collect data sets for developing IOT devices that could be helpful for their regular farming.

Outcome : Collected the data sets on mango plantation,cashew plantation learnt on different types of irrigation techniques used by the farmers.Around 30 acres of mango plantation with different breeds of data was collected.

The Department of Computer Science and applications organised a Field trip on 27th January 2023 for arts and computer science department . The trip was from Kailashgiri hills and a field visit in Chintamani.
We started our journey from 7.30 am . A stop for breakfast was given at Hoskote toll road.

We then headed to our destination Kialashgiri Hills . We started trekking for about a km .It was a rocky path with great view of other hills and lake beside. The top heart warming view with clouds and nature all surrounded around us was beautiful to see. The temple is craved inside a enormous rock .We could hear our voice echo from all sides . We visited the temple ,and received blessings from Lord Shiva. All of them sat inside the cave ,with natural AC’s feel .

We got down from the hills and enjoyed prasad from the temple. After a while we headed to field visit in Chintamani. It was a village with all kind of habituation . We saw villagers life,struggles . Some pf them interacted with the locals there. We visited a Mango farm .At 4 pm ,we all headed to return back. O the way we again stopped at Hoskote toll road to enjoy the famous biryanis. We returned back with memories to college at 8.30pm. A day to be remembered.

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