Date : : 01-02-2023
Time : 2:30 PM
Event Coordinator : Ms. Ushalakshman& Ms. Annie John

Objective :
• To enhance student’s intellectual capacity.
• To inculcate confidence level and courage.

Outcome :
• An opportunity to present students ideology on the given topic.
• Improvises students behaviour and attitude to became a presenter.

Event Rules :
• An individual or team of two students.
• Time limit is 5+1 minute.
• Judging criteria are presentation skill, content and clarity.
• Judges decisions are final and binding.
• The best three will be awarded with trophies and certificate.

Sl No Name of the judges Designation
1. Ms. Abhirami Department of PG (MBA)
2. Ms. Annie John Department of Economics
Sl No Name of the student Class/Course Place
1. Sai Kiran VSem BCom A&F B section 1
2. Ayeesha Bee &Mohammd VSem BCom A&F B section 2
3. Chethan Ram &Inchara ISem BBA Reg B sec 3

The Department of Economics organized Economics –Forum on 01 of February 2023 for all economics students.The event was presided by Ms. Annie John and Ms. Abhirami . The event was organized by Ms. Usha Lakshman HOD of BA. The event was well organised and executed by BBA student volunteers and coordinators. TanushreeJangir and Chetan Ram from BBA hosted the event.

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