• To spread the knowledge of the faith to students and helping them to be better Christians.
• To motivate students to work together with churches for mission and community service.

To enable students to be a better member of society.

Targeted Participants: Students and faculty members of St. Francis Institutions.
Date: 03/07/2021, Saturday, 10:00 to 12 :00 am
Resource Person: Rev. Thomas George, Priest of the Mar Thom Syrian Church.
No: of Participants: Around 150 participants attended the retreat.

Association of Christian Franciscians
Rev. Thomas George, started the retreat with an introduction about St. Thomas, the apostle of India, as the event was organised on St. Thomas day. Father made the online retreat interesting with songs and dance along with the Hakuna Matata band. Man Kind - Marvellous creation of God. Through the song” Miracle-The Christ in me”, father enlightened the importance of Oxygen and breathing during the pandemic, which we even never bother in our day to day life. Within the limitation of the event being online, ice breaking group activities were also organised breaking out into groups. To explain the gospel miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000 people, with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, an example of our imagination of how much water a coin can hold, was done. The Theme : MAN GO-FRUITI was explained as the Man the marvellous creation Go and bear fruit in lord. Father also showed with example that Sin is something which you feel ashamed of sharing with your parents.
A quiz was also organised at the end.

Winners of the Quiz Event :
1st Prize : John Paul (Class 8A)
2nd Prize :Mitchell Sharon A (Class 9D)
3rd Prize : John Paul (Class 8A)

Around 150 participants attended the retreat.

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