The primary objective of Enigma is to foster a community of students around a common interest in Mathematics and Statistics. Club members will have opportunities to apply and improve their skills by participating in Mathematics and Statistics competitions and learning circles. Members will also be able to engage with colleagues in the discipline ,by attending conferences and participating in social gatherings aimed at advancing interactions with their cohort. They are opportunities to showcase being a Mathematics and Statistics champion and to help students in becoming Mathematics and Statistics catalysts and Mathematics and Statistics ambassadors themselves.

Members of the Club will learn about interesting careers in Mathematics and Statistics-related fields, as well as participate in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of Mathematics and Statistics.
The goal at most meetings is to learn about some area of Mathematics and Statistics that they would not typically see in the syllabus.

• To encourage a positive attitude towards Mathematics and Statistics.
• To stimulate mathematical and statistical curiosity.
• To promote cross-curricular thinking and holistic development of pupils.
• To study Mathematics and Statistics beyond the classroom and allow students to see the subjects as an integral part of their lives.
• To develop a healthy interest in Mathematics and Statistics as a source of interest and achievement.
• To inspire thinking, challenge and collaboration.

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